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We Let You In

Does court close for inclement weather?

Will I be found guilty?

It is a good night to be nostalgic. The snow is everywhere and it’s like a new, happy day.
Do you see the snow?
Can you see the layer of white that covers our dirty trail?

It’s there. It always has been waiting behind the foggy, cloudy, sunny days

They have been waiting for you to notice and so have I.
Use your powers wisely and with love and trust as you always have

Don’t let tainted souls taint your own.
Don’t let someone’s downfalls play a part in who you are.

How can you expect to blossom into every part of wonderful that you will be if you are afraid of realizing what you may become?

We let you in to find truth trying to find it in you
You can’t hide the temptation
You can’t disguise your longing
The temptations of love
The desires of lust

The only thing you can know for certain is that you are your own.
You may lend yourself to someone; they may reciprocate.
But, the only thing that is understandable is your own thought, perspective, idea in relation to an opposition.

You need the opposition.

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Lust is a hard habit to break. I wonder when I will stop scanning the crowds for an attractive face hoping it is shielding a brilliant mind..

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had it all then i threw that shit away

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I guess I will start posting on this again so I can stop being annoying on facbeook….

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your silence is a bore

i have several questions for you. each one i dare not ask. not for fear of your response, rather for fear of lack thereof. your silence is a frustrating bore. the destruction of any possible romance- when i speak of romance i do not speak of holding hands and making love, but exchanging ideas and balancing perspectives. romance is growing out of difference. romance is finding out about yourself through an interaction with others whether this interaction is pleasant or unkind. romance is an adventure and adventures aren’t always amusing and joyful. sometimes they are unexpected and frustrating. romance and adventure, no matter how frustrating, are never silent. 

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finally, some peace

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"…nevertheless if the two given numbers were incommensurable one would labour eternally, always ignorant of what could still happen in the end."

L’Arithmetique by Stevin
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I’ve been accused of cheating.

My nerd brain is so distraught.

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